Why Having The Right Mindset Is Key To Achieving Success

Importance Of Right Mindset
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A common belief in online marketing is that if you simply nail the mechanics, everything else will take care of itself and you’ll get wealthy.

I’m not here to say that’s wrong.

Instead, I’d like to argue that has a more significant impact than most people realize.

After all, if thoughts are things, as quantum physics suggests, then what you believe can have a significant influence on the success of your business.

Still not convinced?

What Do You Believe?

Take two people. One of them has a history of building businesses worth millions of dollars. The other has a history of never experiencing a significant achievement in his life.

Who would you put your money on to develop a million-dollar company? Of course, the one with a proven track record.

But here’s my question. Do you believe that both of these people have the same perspective on business – especially, the acquisition of money?

You would think that a successful individual who has made several million dollars perceives money differently from someone who has never been successful.

One sees opportunities everywhere, while the other sees barriers.

One sees obstacles to overcome, while the other sees insurmountable difficulties.

One feels that leverage is the way to grow rich, while the other believes that hard effort will triumph.

One feels that money is plentiful, while the other believes that it is rare.

One considers how to generate more money, while the other considers ways to avoid losing money, and so forth.

If you gave the second individual, who has never achieved big success, the first person’s mental patterns and attitudes about money and business…

Do you believe the second individual can also develop a million-dollar online business?

If you’ve never built a million-dollar business but would like to, I challenge you to make the following ideas your own.

This means you can’t just read them once. You must incorporate them into your thoughts on a continuous basis. They must be ingrained in you just as deeply as the notions that you ought to eat, sleep, and clean your teeth.

You have to believe in them just as much as you believe in the sun rising tomorrow.

In other words, you must make these ideas, YOURS.

Program Your Mind For Success

You might accomplish this by reading the list below again each morning and each evening before bed.

You could also handwrite them or record them to play on your MP3 device.

Just do whatever you need to in order to make these ideas your own.

And, just so you know, we didn’t make these up. They are taken from Steve Siebold’s excellent book, “How Rich People Think.” We’ve merely given them our own online marketing twist.

If you’ve ever sought a road map to wealth, I believe this is it.

Combine these ideas with any tried-and-true internet business model, and you should be generating money – a lot of money – in no time.

Your results will differ. Remember that adopting these ideas is only the first step; the second is to put them into action. And if you try to accomplish one without the other, it will probably be a waste of time.

To make things clear, we’re going to refer to the two different ways of thinking as “Non-rich” and “Rich.”

Naturally, the word “rich” has a range of meanings. While a billionaire may consider a millionaire to be poor in comparison, a millionaire may view a billionaire as the wealthiest.

Non-rich views:  The rich are preoccupied with money

Rich views:  Being driven by success is a beautiful thing

Why do we assume obsessions are always bad? We normally do not condemn someone who is focused on staying healthy or helping others.

Having The Right Mindset

However, if they are preoccupied with success, we like to point out that something is wrong with them. Is there a reason we do this?

Because it’s simpler to claim they’re wrong than to pursue success ourselves.

When you’re wealthy, you have complete flexibility to do anything you want, whenever you want. Money is merely a metric used to assess your level of achievement.

If you think of business as a game that you want to win, you might get obsessed with success in a healthy and productive way.

It all comes down to what you can achieve and how many people you can benefit with your online business.

The main motivator for many millionaires is achieving a specific net worth, which varies for each person.

Assuming your company is legitimate and benefits people, as it should be, the larger the number you hit, the more people you’ve benefited.

And consider this, after reaching your goal, you are free to pursue greater goals like philanthropy, time independence, and personal fulfillment.

So by all means, cultivate an obsession with success. If that means spending 14 hours a day for a few months on your web business, go for it.

Success is calling, and now is the time to respond!

Change Your Perspective

Non-rich views:  Saving is the path to wealth

Rich views:  Earning more money is the key to being wealthy

The non-rich hold to their modest possessions out of fear of loss and uncertainty about the future.

When there is an economic downturn, they suffer catastrophic losses from which they cannot recover.

While the rich recognize the importance of saving and investing, they also focus their efforts on creating more money by helping others and solving issues.

If they suffer a catastrophic loss, they typically switch their focus to financial possibilities that arise in a down economy and become more wealthy as a result.

It all boils down to whether you operate from fear or plenty. Either attitude can lose money, but only the abundant mindset can recover it more rapidly.

Instead of worrying about conserving pennies, concentrate on creating an online business with several streams of revenue.

Non-rich views:  Exchaning time for money makes perfect sense

Rich views:  To get rich, you need to think outside the box and use leverage

When you exchange your time for a salary, you are basically exchanging your most valuable asset – your precious time – for a fixed income.

If hard labor brought fortunes, every fast food worker would be wealthy.

Trading Time For Money

Look at your own online business to see this in action. If you write a book to sell to one individual, for example, you are exchanging time for money. Ghostwriters do exactly that.

But if you sell the book yourself, you may continue to sell copies daily for the rest of your life. You keep getting paid for work you did just once.

And if you pay someone else to write the book for you, that’s real leverage.

The rich create wealth through inventive problem-solving. Since there are no limits to ideas, there are no limits to how much money you can make either.

The perfect idea at the right moment may make you a fortune. Classic instances of this are Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Non-rich views:  Rich people are corrupt

Rich views:  Rich people are ambitious

The typical person has been trained to believe that wealthy people are wicked, dishonest, and deceptive.

In spite of the fact that this does happen on occasion, self-made millionaires have typically utilized their tenacity, passion, and foresight to create something that benefits a large number of people.

Those who believe wealthy people are morally depraved might argue that they aren’t wealthy because they are nice people who don’t want to harm anyone.

However, the poor may also become wealthy if they take ownership of their financial situation and embrace the rich’s way of thinking.

And by doing this, they can show that not all wealthy people are bad.

The Key To Unlocking Productivity

Non-rich views:  Being a lone wolf is a positive trait

Rich views:  Creating wealth is a group effort

When non-rich people have employment, they get compensated for their work. They are lone wolves who feel that if they establish their own business, they must do so alone.

But the rich (and those who will become rich) know that it takes a team to build anything worthwhile. The secret to attaining success fast and on a wide scale is finding the appropriate people and using their expertise and initiative.

The non-rich attempt to accomplish everything on their own, while the rich are team leaders.


Rich individuals have a good sense of their own skills and shortcomings, and they employ others to fill up the gaps.

The non-rich feel that they can ultimately learn everything necessary for success.

If you can form a team and share credit for your achievement, you can accomplish practically anything in a remarkably short period of time.

But if you pursue success on your own, it will always be just outside your reach.

Determine your strengths and interests in your online business. Then outsource the remainder. This will reduce the period between an idea and launch by half or less, keep you satisfied, and increase revenues by more than double.

Once you experience it, you’ll never go back to doing everything on your own again.

What’s Your Self-Talk?

Non-rich views:  Money is evil

Rich views:  Money is wonderful

If you ask most individuals why they don’t have money or simply what they believe about money, you’ll understand why they’re broke.

They think that ambitious people are selfish and greedy. They believe that money is a necessary evil that must be controlled but should not be their primary concern.

Additionally, watching TV, participating in sports, and other activities are better ways to spend their free time than striving for prosperity.

The rich regard money as a great resource that may provide them with the freedom and opportunity to live the life they choose. Money removes constraints, allowing people to do what they want when they want.

Money allows you to indulge in your favorite activities, give to those in need, and enhance the lives of people around you.

Whether you feel money is evil or a source of freedom will determine whether you have money or not.

Non-rich views:  Formal education leads to riches

Rich views:  Specific knowledge generates wealth

While wealthy people value formal education and urge their children to attend university, they do not view it as a means of establishing a financial empire.

Many self-made millionaires have minimal formal schooling. They’ve accumulated their fortune through acquiring, applying, and selling precise expertise and information.

College usually teaches people how to trade time for money, which is rarely the way to true wealth.

Rich people don’t think in a linear way and have no limits on what they can do.

If you give an employee a problem, they’ll endeavor to fix it for their employer.

Give a person with a wealthy mentality a problem, and they will not only solve it but also market the solution to everyone who needs it, generating riches in the process.

If the individual with a rich attitude is unable to resolve the issue, they will hire someone to do so and then resell the solution in order to profit.

Solving problems is a skill that can build empires. Academics and people in the middle-class view problems as difficult, while those with rich mindsets are able to simplify those same challenges in order to discover the solution. The creation of Microsoft by Bill Gates is an excellent illustration of this feature at work.

As an online marketer, you have the chance to offer solutions to people all over the world.

You don’t always have to come up with the answers either.

You can play the role of a reporter and find out what people need, then give them a product that meets that need.

Form New Habits

The non-rich are:  Concerned about spending

The rich are:  Focused on investing

Do you truly need that new car? Will your old one endure another few years?

Living above your means isn’t really living. It’s self-imposed slavery, where you go to work merely to keep your head over water and scrape by.

The self-made rich only buy what they actually need and what will generate them money.

Yes, once they get rich, they do splurge, but by then, they’ve earned the right.

Many self-made millionaires are regular individuals who sacrificed comforts and extravagances to create their wealth.

They invested in stocks and real estate rather than drinking lattes and going to the movies. The actual approach is to double or triple your income and invest a big percentage of it.

Ultimately, you want to live the good life, and if that means being conservative with your finances for a few years while you raise your income and assets, the price you pay to be financially free is well worth it.

Investing in your online business might be the most liberating thing you could ever do. Imagine retiring in 5-10 years, and ask yourself if preserving your money while generating more was worth it.

The answer will always be yes.

Non-rich views:  If only I could win the lotto

Rich views:  Let’s get to work and make this happen!

People enjoy the lottery because they believe it to be their sole opportunity to get wealthy.

Sadly, most people are probably right. And it’s not because they’re incapable. They just don’t believe in themselves or their potential to generate money.

Rich people know that words are cheap, so they take action every day to build their wealth because they know they can.

Winning The Lottery

Beliefs influence conduct, and behavior influences outcomes. If you have faith in your ability to achieve, you’ll behave accordingly.

You are involved in internet marketing because you are confident in your ability to succeed. But do you genuinely think you can get rich?

If not, you might want to change the way that you think.

Can Money Change You?

Non-rich views:  Money can change people

Rich views:  Money shows who people really are

The ordinary person believes that money corrupts good people and transforms them into selfish, corrupt, insensitive jerks.

This limiting belief keeps people poor and gives them an excuse for why they don’t succeed.

However, the self-made wealthy are aware that success and wealth show who a person really is on the inside. If you were dishonest before becoming wealthy, your dishonesty will only increase.

If you were compassionate and giving before you were wealthy, chances are high that you’ll use your income to help others and make the world better.

Look at your own personality and picture it enhanced by money. Do you like what you’re seeing?

If so, that’s fantastic. If not, you might wish to make some adjustments, before money magnifies qualities you’re not proud of.

Non-rich views:  You need money to make money

Rich views:  Use other people’s money to get rich

Did you realize that borrowing $10 million is simpler than borrowing $10,000? It may sound absurd, yet this is exactly how the wealthy think.

They do not say, “I can’t afford that.” Instead, they ask themselves, “is it worth buying, investing in, or pursuing?” If it is, they will locate the funds. Again, this is all about thinking in a linear way.

If your thinking is, “I have to make money so I can invest it so I can get rich.” Nothing is wrong with this, except it takes time. A significant amount of time. Moreover, life is short.

Assume you’re launching an online business. You have a great product and a business model that has been shown to work. You might exhaust yourself acquiring free traffic to generate revenue.

Alternatively, you may find an investor willing to pay for traffic. In the first situation, it may take months to earn enough to acquire constant traffic, by which time your product may have become obsolete.

The second scenario, however, allows you to start driving a ton of highly targeted traffic to your offer right now.

Profits will be slow in the first situation, whereas in the second, you’ll start making money from day one.

You Can Learn To Be Rich

Non-rich views:  Self-made millionaires are smarter

Rich views:  Self-made millionaires are more clever, not smarter

Memorizing information to get good grades in high school or do well on an IQ test won’t make you rich. There’s a common notion that the “A” students wind up working for the “C” students, and this may be more widespread than we know.

Out Of The Box Thinking

Each person has their own unique intelligence. Some people are strong at memorizing facts, some excel at physical activities, some are musically inclined, and others are problem solvers.

The self-made wealthy are skilled at making money. No one is born with this skill.

How many newborns have you encountered on Wall Street?  – which means that it can be taught.

And the most effective method to learn how to generate money is to discover what is working for others and replicate their success.

That is why programs on ‘how to generate money’ are so popular. Although many people desire wealth, they lack the necessary skills. They want someone to show them how to do it right.

This is critical if you’re in the make-money niche. Tell your potential customers that your system works because other people are already making money with it.

Just follow the plan, and you will succeed. Just ensure that your products deliver on this promise.


You are now one step closer to getting wealthy simply by reading this article.

And by learning, comprehending, and adopting rich thinking into your daily life, you are laying the groundwork for your own success.

Surprisingly, this post isn’t about money at all; instead, it’s about .

With the right mindset, anything is possible

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